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The best time to book a wedding photographer and/or videographer is typically after you have set a date and venue. This is ideally around 9 months to a year (or more!) in advance of your special day.

For elopements, we often book anywhere between 1-12 months out from the day or season of your big day. We also are the first vendor our couples reach out to, since we guide them with location options, vendors, and a whole lot more!

how far in advance should we book a wedding photographer or videographer?

A first look is great for couples who prefer to spend a little extra time prior to the ceremony taking photographs that focus just on the two of them. Portraits after the ceremony can often feel rushed, especially with large bridal parties and families. Another idea to consider is having a first look with one of your parents. Still a sweet and intimate moment to capture!

First looks are also pretty common for our elopements, since their doing away with most other traditions anyway! 


Typically, a second shooter is helpful for at least a few hours to assist in getting extra coverage of everyone getting ready, the ceremony itself, and the first portion of the reception. This allows for you to have extra images or videos from a variety of angles — at the most important moments!


The important part for photography and videography is not actually having a lot of experience with the venue; it’s being able to capture your day in a unique way. Some people who work regularly at the same few venues end up taking very similar images for multiple weddings. I like to bring a personalized touch to your wedding photographs and footage by offering a new perspective on your wedding venue! 

Have you worked at my venue before?

For full-day weddings, you'll need to have a date and venue already booked, and then we can discuss details to see which package best fits your needs. 

For elopements, we'll discuss dates and location options first, and then create a timeline that brings your dream elopement vision to life. 

Once those are determined, I’ll send you an easy to use online quote, with an agreement to sign and an invoice for a non-refundable retainer. You'll have the option to either do 50% down to book with the remaining balance due 30 days from your wedding date, or a $1000 retainer with a monthly payment plan to follow. 

HOw do we reserve you for our wedding or elopement?

Most of our couples end up with 4-6 hours of coverage, and for a few great reasons. First, we believe that every couple deserves to celebrate their wedding day without feeling stressed, rushes, or as if they're "on the clock". We want you to look back on this day for years to come and remember how amazing it was from start to finish. 

Second, many of the locations our couples choose have so many great spots in close proximity, with short drives in between. This allows us plenty of time to drive (or hike!) to more than one location and make the most out of your experience, especially if your destination is not your home state! 

Last but definitely not least: our sessions are not just a "photoshoot" with dozens of boring, posed moments. Nothing is off-limits, including prepping for the day at a cute cabin or beach house, exploring some trails, having a picnic, saying your personal vows, watching the sun go down, or dancing by the campfire!

do we really need more than an hour or two of coverage for our elopement? 

YES, YES, YES! All of our team members are 100% supportive of any and all LGBTQ+ couples. We've also been published in Equally Wed, and wholeheartedly believe love is love is love. 

do you work with lgbtq+ couples?

Absolutely.  While many of the more secluded locations offer privacy for those willing to hike a few miles or more, there are dozens of easy-to-access locations across the U.S. that still make for fantastic backdrops. However, keep in mind that the easier a spot is to access, the more crowded it may be. This is why we highly recommend that most of our couples elope on weekdays and/or consider early morning sessions if possible. 

can we elope without hiking somewhere? 

We are fully insured and can provide a copy of our declarations page to your wedding venue, should they require it. 

As for elopements, we do have a few annual permits for common locations we visit throughout the year, and can easily obtain a photography permit for your individual date and location if need be.

are you insured or have permits? My wedding venue or elopement location requires it.

have other questions not on this list? learn more about our editing process below, or contact us today for a free consultation.

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more detailed than your average photographers

our photo editing process

example: removing a hand in the air during an emotional Father-Daughter moment

example: turning yellow artificial lighting to white and hiding distracting elements (Chairs)

example: emphasizing a spotlight for a first dance

We know just how much these photographs will matter to you and your family after the wedding day has come and gone.

That's why we go through your images by hand to do our best to remove distracting elements whenever possible, especially for the ones that matter the most: your formal portraits, the first dances, heartfelt toasts. This is our promise to you.  

Things we commonly edit out of photographs: skin blemishes, people walking off in the distance outside during your portraits and/or ceremony, weird/annoying stray hairs (not the dramatic and pretty wind-blown kind), and neon green/red exit signs in reception halls. 

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We strive to make you feel as natural and comfortable as possible every step of the way. We'll get you two interacting with one another for portraits and may steal you for a few minutes during the reception for a creative nighttime portrait, but most of the time, we document the day as it is. 

We're also here to support you during the planning process and on your big day . . . even on a variety of things that don't have anything to do with our photos or videos! We love to give free insider's knowledge to our couples all the time. 

your wedding day should be fun + relaxed

the best experience you'll ever have in front of the camera

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complete with music that might make you cry

our video editing process

Our full-day wedding video coverage allows us to get enough footage to create a cinematic wedding highlight film featuring all of your favorite moments throughout the day. 

But we also know that music can bring out that extra level of emotion, even when you go back to re-watch it for the 50th time years down the road. 

While we may not be able to gain access to music licensing for all the current hits on the radio or that song from your favorite movie, we have a list of beautiful, fun, and happy songs we can purchase licenses to that you can love just as much. One of the best parts? It can be uniquely yours and not something trendy everyone else already knows about!

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We may be based in Colorado, but we have experience traveling from coast to coast and are always up for new adventures with our couples. Reach out to us today to secure your wedding date on our calendar!

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