If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, it’s safe to say you or your partner has probably considered eloping at least once.

The planning process can be stressful. But stressful planning aside, there are a few good reasons why couples choose to elope. From a low budget to the romantic setting, here are the best reasons to elope instead of having a wedding.

The planning (or lack of)

Arranging a wedding is not for the faint of heart. If you’re not going to hire a wedding planner and you don’t have it in you to do all of the coordinating yourself, then eloping is the ideal option.

You can put as little or as much planning into an elopement as you want — it all depends on the type of ceremony the two of you are looking for. If you’re having your nuptials at city hall, there may not be much planning involved aside from your post-ceremony celebrations.

But if you’re going to jet off for an early honeymoon and have a quiet ceremony while you’re there, there may be a little more effort required. Either way, it still takes a lot less time, resources and patience than designing a traditional wedding!

The budget

Arguably one of the biggest reasons couples decide to elope is because it doesn’t break the bank like a traditional wedding does. Without guests, a venue, or food, your budget decreases significantly and you’re able to save money for the honeymoon or future plans instead of shelling it out for a big party.

That’s not to say that elopements are cheap, though. Saving money on wedding expenses means you’ll have more money to spend on yourselves. This means you can make your elopement a destination, treat yourselves to a fancy dinner afterwards, or go on a more luxurious honeymoon than you normally would.

The intimacy

If you and your partner aren’t the center-of-attention types, having a ceremony with just the two of you (and possibly a few close friends) probably sounds like a dream.

One of the perks of eloping is the low-key, intimate environment. Spending your wedding day with those closest to you is much more relaxing and joyful than having to avoid small talk at the reception with friends and family that you haven’t seen in years.

Whether it’s just the two of you or you have a couple close friends and family there, don’t forget to have someone there to photograph the ceremony! You’ll want to be able to look back on the day and cherish each intimate moment.


The sole focus of eloping with your loved one is that the two of you just want to spend time with one another and start your lives together. You don’t see a need for throwing a big party and all you want is to commit to one another and make it official.

Eloping gives couples the chance to focus only on each other and the big life change they’re about to experience. And there’s nothing more romantic than that!

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