When it comes to weddings, some people like traditional and others like to freshen things up and make them all their own.

If you and your partner are looking to throw a non-traditional wedding, there are many aspects to the soiree in which you can mix things up. Whether it’s an unexpected venue, a non-structured ceremony, or fun outfits, each part of a wedding can be completely transformed into a unique experience that best reflects a non-traditional couple.

Here are some fun ways to have a beautifully unique non-traditional wedding!


When you think of a wedding, you typically think of an evening ceremony followed by a reception that goes late into the night. Well, why not shake things up and have your wedding bright and early in the morning? A gorgeous morning time ceremony followed by a brunch-style reception is not only unique, it saves money in the two most expensive departments: food and venue.

Brunch foods and beverages, like waffles, frittatas and mimosas, are far less expensive than dinner meals and an open bar, while venues are likely to have discounts for a less sought after time of day. And after celebrating throughout the morning and afternoon, you and your guests will be home in time for dinner and a relaxing night in.

A win all around for those of us who prefer a low-key (and budget-friendly) kind of event.

Unconventional Bridal Outfit

Jumpsuit, anyone? It’s safe to say that anything other than the usual white dress will turn some heads (in the best way possible) so if you’re a bride that likes to make a statement, consider an unconventional wedding outfit.

Two-piece looks, jumpsuits, and even non-white dresses have risen in popularity as many brides feel like the typical white dress just doesn’t suit their personal style. Forego the traditional white gown for a top and skirt, a structured jumpsuit, or a blush toned dress — don’t be afraid to play around with what works best for you!

Mix Up the Venue

Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, we’ve seen weddings go from churches and banquet halls, to chic barns and modern outdoor spaces. And the popularity of a nontraditional venue is showing no signs of slowing down! When you’re searching for the perfect space, don’t feel limited to only places that are marketed as wedding venues.

There are lofts, museums, wineries, you name it. If you can fit your guests inside and there’s room for all the essentials, you can probably have your wedding there!

No Bridesmaids or Groomsmen

If you’re a non-traditional couple, chances are the ceremonial aspects of a wedding aren’t that appealing to you, this includes having a wedding party. Having just the two of you at the front without bridesmaids and groomsmen by your side is a romantic and simple way to forego traditions and focus on what lies ahead — the marriage!

But if you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the idea of bridesmaids and groomsmen, try another non-traditional route of having different genders in each party. If you’re a bride with a male best friend, why wouldn’t you want him by your side on your special day?

Or if you’re a groom who’s really close with your sister, having her on your side of the ceremony rather than the bride’s side totally works too. It’s your wedding, after all, so why not go with whatever your heart desires?

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