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More than sixty percent of Americans today own pets. The pet population is continually growing. But they are more than just animals — they are family! With that said, couples are looking for ways to include their furry friends in the most important event of their life — their wedding. And if you’re one of […]

Wedding Inspiration

October 27, 2017

8 Fun Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Although you might think having extra portrait sessions with your wedding photographer may be a bit over the top, you may want to think again. Take a look at these top reasons why you should schedule a bridal portrait session with your photographer before the big day comes. 1. To do a test run and […]

Wedding Tips & Advice

October 20, 2017

Why You Should Schedule a Bridal Portrait Session

Couples who get married will often choose to re-commit or re-express their love for one another during a vow renewal ceremony some number of years down the road. Why? Marriage is not always easy. A vow renewal can be like a fresh start for a married couple. Take a look at some of the top […]

Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Tips & Advice

October 11, 2017

7 Great Reasons to Renew Your Wedding Vows

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